For Wednesday, September 9:

  • The Young Man’s Guide by William A. Alcott (1833). (You do not have to print this reading! This is a link to the Gutenberg eBook. Read through the table of contents and then use the search function (ctr + f) to search for his advice on urban life–search things like “city,” “urban,” etc.) You should aim to read about 30 pages in total and I’ll ask you to share with the class your thoughts on the sections you looked at. If you can, print the sections you looked at–if not, just take good notes.)
  • Glance at New York by Benjamin A. Baker (1848). This is the entire play; you are only required to read pgs 164-168.
  • “The Coming Bachelor Girl” by Rosalyn Dorot. Volume XXVI, No.6: June 1899.

For Monday, September 14:

For Wednesday, September 16:

For Monday, September 21:

  • Mistress America

For Wednesday, September 23

For Monday, September 28

For Wednesday, September 30

  • From Unfathomable City: Maps 11, 12, 14, 16, 17

For Monday, October 5:

For Wednedsay, October 7:

For Tuesday, October 13:

  • Continue “Walking in the city: Urban Space, Stories, and Gender” and the video
  • Alternative Map Workshop

For Wednesday, October 14:

  • Alternative Map Workshop

For Monday, October 19:

For Wednesday, October 21:

For Monday, October 26:

  • Hilary Ballon, The Greatest Grid pgs 13-100

For Wednesday, October 28:

  • Hilary Ballon, The Greatest Grid pgs 101-127, 179-211

For Monday, November 2:

For Wednesday, November 4:

For Monday, November 9:

  • Marshall Berman, All that is Solid Melts into Air,Ch. 5: “In the Forest of Symbols: Some Notes on Modernism in New York”

For Wednesday, November 11:

For Monday, November 16:

For Wednesday, December 2